Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Does the Tooth Fairy Have a Website?

This was a question my son proposed to me after loosing his first tooth. After I chuckled, it suddenly became apparent to me at how different his life will be at accessing information. To think that a 5 year old (and this was 3 years ago) was already looking to independently find information on the web made me stop and think at how his access to information will be significantly different than mine when I grew up. Now, at 8 he when he wants a new game or toy, he searches for it online cuts and pastes the picture so that we know exactly what he is talking about when he makes his "pitch" to us as to why he needs it. The other day we were lost and he just kept saying.... open your laptop and do Map Quest. Not fully realizing that I still am in the dark ages in some ways as I don't have mobile access to the internet. So we scanned for a library or coffee shop that offered free Wireless. Gone are the days of stopping at a Gas Station. Note: (We did buy a Garmin after that day and I love it!)

As an OT who is interested in daily living skills, it has become apparent to me that access to the internet can now be considered an ADL activity for many people. What happens when people have challenges developing skills needed to participate in this activity? It just fuels my desire and interest to continue to keep as up to date with all kinds of technology available..... One of the big reasons as to why I am starting my own blog! I find that I can't close my eyes for a minute as new technology is always evolving!

Just for fun. Here are some links for the Toothfairy.

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