Saturday, May 16, 2009

Accessible Phones

This week, one of my clients was looking for an phone that he could access using a switch. We called our state organization ATEL, which is a program supported by the RI Department of Human Services. ATEL stands for the Adaptive Telephone Equipment Loan Program.

My client is currently trying Dialogue RC-200 Remote Control Speakerphone w/Remote Answer

It is very easy to use and program. The phone is able to be answered by voice, has switch capabilities with a remote as well as wired and there is an option to pre-program phone numbers. Although, my client uses a particular head switch- we were able to figure out a way for him to use the standard remote with a little creative positioning. I was excited to see how quickly it was to access the equipment and my client was especially happy that he was able to make a phone call, complete the application, make an appointment, get training and TAKE THE EQUIPMENT HOME all within a three week time period! Thank you ATEL for this program! Oh, did I also say that at this time there is no cost to qualifying individuals? What a great service. They have a variety of available equipment for loan.

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